Connecting lives, advancing community.

Find a job you love close to home providing support to people in your community. Flexible full- and part-time positions are available. Some paid training opportunities allow you to start right away.

I’m helping another human being become the person that they were always meant to be. That doesn’t feel like a job. It feels like I’m doing what I was meant to do, and I’m getting paid for it. I love it. And I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

– MacKenzie K

Believe in yourself enough, and know that people out there need you. It could be the best job you’ve ever had in your life.

– Lonny M

You provide the passion. We provide the pathway. Explore opportunities to:

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Do work that matters.

Enjoy rewarding work that makes a meaningful difference in someone’s life. Offer essential daily support to individuals who are aging, those who are living with disabilities, and individuals who are in recovery.

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Potentially earn while you learn.

Find paid, in-person, online, and on-the-job training opportunities that are easy to access and let you start right away. 

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Find a schedule that works for you.

Flexible full- and part-time positions let you build a career while managing your other family and life responsibilities.

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Be a part of Maine’s fastest-growing field.

Whether you’re just starting out, changing careers, or new to Maine, a career in Direct Support offers stability and unlimited opportunities to advance.